Editorial Note [from Facebook] Youth Parliament Malaysia

Due to popular demand, registration for voters for the Malaysian Youth Parliament was re-opened yesterday. For youths who have yet to register as voters, I invite you to register as soon as possible before the deadline this 31st of August 2014.

I have asked the Youth Parliament website shut down last February on a temporary basis due to some technical problems. Once these problems were successfully resolved, the ministry conducted a simulation site, including the nomination and voting process, in the previous week before it reopened.

I hope that Malaysian youths will take the opportunity to register as a voters through the website http://www.parlimenbelia.gov.my/.All eligibility requirements are described on the website. This is a golden opportunity for youngsters like you to speak up and take part in a 'parliamentary democracy' system.

For youths who are interested in becoming a Member of Youth Parliament, nominations will opened from the 11 till 25 August 2014. I invite charismatic youths who are concerned about youth issues, those who want to channel their views and recommendations to the government to take this opportunity to compete for a place as a member of the Youth Parliament of Malaysia.

Let’s enliven our democratic culture! ...

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